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St Tropez Spray Tanning

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St Tropez Spray Tanning Treatments


Classic Tan


Dark or Express Tan


The St. Tropez Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. Delivered in around 15 minutes, the spray is quick drying and now features Aromaguard™ fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma. St Tropez is a Multi-award winning brand. 

You can expect a St. Tropez spray tan to last around 7-10 days, we have three different solutions to choose from:
Classic, Dark and Express.

Classic- natural looking, streak-free, golden glow. Never orange, St Tropez Tan always gives a beautiful, golden colour.

Dark- St Tropez Dark is designed to provide our darkest, most intense colour yet whether you have pale or dark skin, our Dark spray tan will tailor itself to your skin tone to give you a gorgeous, natural-looking tan.

Express- Wash off after just 1 hour for a sun-kissed glow or leave on longer for a darker finish to suit your skin tone.
This change of plan tan is perfect for last minute tanners or for a night out!

Give yourself a beauty boost, book today!

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