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Fractora Treatment


Full Face (1 session)


Full Face & Neck


Full Face (2 sessions)


Full Face & Neck (2 sessions)


"Glowing skin

is always in"

Fractional Skin Treatment

Discover a superior solution to decrease wrinkles, improve skin complexion, reduce skin irregularities and provide a healthier younger-looking you - all in one session. 


Fractionated RF energy found in Fractora is a scientifically proven method that reduces wrinkles. It is minimally invasive, using a matrix of micro-pins to 

resurface and restore the skin, providing exceptional results with almost no patient downtime. 

Fractora images.png
Improve deep wrinkles and skin complexion

Please speak to us for more information on FRACTORA or to book a no obligation suitability consultation.

It's never too late to have beautiful skin, start your journey today!

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