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Aqualyx Treatment


Starting price*



Disolving localised fat deposits treatment

Although there are other brands available in the UK, hwe only uses the best brands to deliver his exclusive fat dissolving treatments.


AQUALYX was first released in the European market in 2008 and since then more than 2 million vials have been sold worldwide. Its active principle is a specially formulated deoxycholic acid (DCA), encased in a gelatinous gel, designed by Professor Pasquale Motolesse in Ferrara, Italy, to diminish the likelihood of side effects, therefore being extremely safe to use. Aqualyx® is delivered using a special technique called “intralipotherapy” designed to make the entire procedure practically pain free.

This product normally need a number a sessions to achieve the desired effect, although the improvement is seen after the first treatment.

*Treatment price will be determined upon on consultation.


It's never too late to have the body you deserve, start your journey today!

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